Physical Full Release


PHYSICAL RELEASE 1 (Blu-ray, CD, Cass, DVD, Vinyl)


PHYSICAL FULL RELEASE 1 (Blu-ray, CD, Cass, DVD, Vinyl)
• As a distributor, it’s our privilege to sell your music to our customers, but sales are not guaranteed.
• All product 100% returnable to supplier.
• Altavoz offers you 60 % 40 revenue split.
• Title is ingested into the physical product database of the music industry. Your product will be available to every CD/ LP/ DVD retailer in the industry, including online and physical retailers.
• Includes one UPC code and 15 ISRC track codes
• Altavoz will prepare a report on a comparable artist and use the information to analyze and recommend the market potential for your release. This will result in a suggested order and co-op marketing spend at retail.
• All products released by Altavoz must include the Altavoz logo in the artwork. Brand & logo guidelines will be provided.
• Retail street dates will not be announced without a mutually agreed to marketing plan in place.
*Physical Distribution is carried out via our Partner company Altavoz Distribution, LTD.
• Payouts start when $100 is sales is reached and are issued quarterly via paypal.
•All disputes will be setting via arbitration
•Submitting funds is an acknowledgement of agreement

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