Wholesale new day!

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Welcome to the new home of Altavoz Distribution you may have noticed that we’ve moved from one site Altavoz.com to segmenting Altavoz’s Distribution & Entertainment functions to their own entities & websites.

Altavoz Distribution is a wholesale marketplace and doesn’t have any offerings for the general public. All of our labels are encouraged to setup direct to consumer merchandise situations so check artists, bands, groups and labels websites.

Retail stores this site is for your information! For all orders please contact INGRAM Entertainment Sales reps

For internal trading parters Altavoz Distribution will be Crypto-Blockchain & EDI based on Entertainment Public Blockchain which is a NARM425File Compliant format . Again most orders should be directed towards your existing account rep.

Our site is under going live development. Any orders placed here are for testing purposes. If you place an order it will not be completed.

More to come till then please follow @AltavozEntmt on Instagram Facebook & Twitter

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