Vinyl to outsell CD’s

Vinyl Is Poised to Outsell CDs For the First Time Since 198 In the near future, the revenue generated by record sales is likely to surpass the revenue generated by CDs

By ELIAS LEIGHT  Click here to read it

Reposting this help our suppliers to understand the value of going physical and strongly encourage you to follow the link and read the whole article on RollingStone which is one of the few outlets accurately reporting on the Music Business

Article by Ed in 2013

Altavoz re-established itself in 2011 to be a Vinyl Distributor even putting out a 42 page Special Limited Edition Boxset and a couple of years later made it into an Ed Christman article in Billboard about Vinyl. Altavoz knows the value of Vinyl and that fans of music especially those tied to artists, bands and groups that cultivate a relationship will get them to specifically say –

I’m Buying This(TM) and I want it on vinyl.

BuyingThis User.

Hence our

Our DaaS platform use of BuyingThis & Fan Heat Mapping data tools helps our whole supply chain from dealers, suppliers & retailers to pinpoint the amount and best locations.