Covid19 Relief Coupon

Covid19 Relief

Altavoz to announce (50%) fifty percent discount coupon for our digital & physical distribution deals. 

As has been reported, the coronavirus pandemic is not having an adverse impact on music sales, with online sales strong across all formats. With that said, content creators (suppliers) are feeling the economic strain, making it hard for them to take advantage of digital sales opportunities. To help ensure independent music can continue to be produced and sold, Altavoz is offering a 50% discount to help our suppliers get goods into the flow of distribution. 

We all said that entertainment is shockproof and despite some groaning on the digital side, fans are still consuming entertainment. It’s just in going back to physical formats and shows we have to be ready digital to physical to meet the consumers needs.” CEO Nelson Jacobsen

The 50% coupon will be applied to orders placed on Enter Covid19 Relief in coupon area and it can be used for releases after-purchased that get pushed into 2021.

However the coupon is only available until Jun 14, 2020

Note about Physical’ given the impact of Covid19 on the US Supply Chain no one can guarantee the cost of shipping before a release date is established and then weighed against the cost to shippers to move goods at the time.