Digital Physical Distribution


• Your music will be on every download, streaming, internet radio, subscription, and music application. 2000+ Digital Retail Partners “DRP” from Amazon, iTunes, Pandora and Spotify to the mobile carriers and international digital distribution hubs*. 

• You will receive credibility on Youtube, iTunes, and Amazon as a verified account. 

• All releases submitted to Soundscan, Entertainment Public Blockchain sales and streaming tracking. 

• You will be added into our online catalog, which is fed to thousands of music retailers and libraries stores as large as Target will offer initial your releases on online and with preorders move to in-store carries. This requires of the Label considerable Marketing & Promotional budget.

• Includes UPC code with ISRC track codes per release. 

• For the first 500 sales you get 100% of the streaming royalties and 85% after that on Digital related sales paid by (*)Altavoz Entertainment.

• All products released by Altavoz Distribution & Entertainment must include the Altavoz Distribution logo in the artwork. Brand & logo guidelines must be adhered to. 

• As a distributor, it’s our privilege to sell your music to our customers, but sales are not guaranteed. 

• All product is 100% returnable. 

• Altavoz Distribution offers a 40/60 revenue split of Physical .   

• Title is ingested into the physical product database of the music industry. Your product will be available to every CD/ LP/ DVD retailer in the industry, including online and physical retailers. 

• Includes one UPC code and 15 ISRC track codes 

• Altavoz will prepare a report on a comparable artist and use the information to analyze and recommend the market potential for your release. This will result in a suggested order and co-op marketing spend at retail. 

• All products released by Altavoz Distribution must include the Altavoz logo in the artwork. Brand & logo guidelines will be provided. 

• Retail street dates will not be announced without a mutually agreed to marketing plan in place.

If you have a large catalog and are with an existing distributor please contact us directly.