Data & Trade Policies

Altavoz imports and exports product via the Mechanical Copyright and will at some point in-time have Entertainment Public Blockchain’s chain-contract remit all payments & accounting to CopyRight holders or third parties.

Geocentric Retail Placement 

Buying This™ is our proprietary software which is combined with access to open APIs to provide meta-data that is used to pinpont product for geocentric retail distribution. We collect and analyze our proprietary software’s geo-enabled data to determine the best placement of music and other product in retail, concert, and tour environments — down to the zip code. This means stores get product they know can sell, and the label gets fewer returns. We offer labels access to this meta-data so that they can best plan bookings for tours, branding events, special performances, and more. 

Data Policy

All Data generated by our DataTools is property of Altavoz Distribution, Ltd. (ADL) This data is not traded or sold to third parties; however, ADL reserves the right to do so in the future as none of the data collected is individual or personal in nature.