Physical Distribution or Digital Distribution

There is simply not a better distribution plan for established or emerging recording artists bands or groups that don’t want to go through the old systems. Altavoz now offers the evolution of entertainment “Label ownership” and with this new focus, our clients with our help build out their own record label via a process of Labels as a Service LaaS.

The new labels will use Altavoz’s Distribution as a Service DaaS – the hallmark of Altavoz’s 30 years of distribution now applied as a concierge-level service to a select few clients. This yields for our clients the optimal quantities and forms of entertainment working promulgated out to fans, working with our staff, which has seen just about everything with over 150 years of experience in a proven project management model.

With thousands of releases out the doors, Altavoz is now ready to help the next generation of labels take advantage of DaaS and sell from 5000 to 5,000,000 units that our labels make the majority of the profits. Click Here to Apply

DaaS has been an option since 2014 when we started offering it to any artist, band, group, label, and even other distributors. In 2018 we shifted to working only with established distributors and labels. With new labels willing to go through our Label Boot Camp program our system feeds a growing global network of outlets and partnerships. The benefit of DaaS is any project can be cycled up or down in our offerings all managed on a universal project management system and tracked via Altavoz proprietary BuyingThis(TM) and Fan Heat Mapping technology.