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Covid19 Relief Coupon

Covid19 Relief

Altavoz to announce (50%) fifty percent discount coupon for our digital & physical distribution deals.  As has been reported, the coronavirus pandemic is not having an adverse impact on music sales, with online sales strong across all formats. With that said, content creators (suppliers) are feeling the economic strain, making it hard for them to take advantage of digital sales opportunities. To…

CEO to join 2020 Mindshare Cohort

‘We are delighted to welcome Altavoz to this year’s class,” said Steve Balistreri, Treasurer of the Mindshare Organizing Board. Each year, our Mindshare participants hail from some of the most innovative organizations in the DMV and this year’s class is certainly representative of the momentum and diversity we see in technology companies across this region.” Mindshare received more than 100 nominations for…

ISO Festival Sponsors

Altavoz Festival Sponsorships

ISO International Minded Sponsors

Vinyl to outsell CD’s

Altavoz has been doing vinyl for years and knows why it’s becoming a dominate format.

Distribution is Altavoz

Yes there is change afoot at Altavoz mainly because we wanted the distribution part which is the core of our business to have it’s own ecosystem with company, site, social media all under the [Altavoz Distribution] or [Altavoz Distro ] (AD) branding which was our original name in 1994. The Distribution company will use a Blue Altavoz name and most of the…

Wholesale new day!

Alter AltaSymbol

Welcome to the new home of Altavoz Distribution you may have noticed that we’ve moved from one site to segmenting Altavoz’s Distribution & Entertainment functions to their own entities & websites. Altavoz Distribution is a wholesale marketplace and doesn’t have any offerings for the general public. All of our labels are encouraged to setup direct to consumer merchandise situations so check…