Buying This

Buying This(TM)  is more then technology! It’s the exploration of our Communities Online opening up predictive shopping* clues to suppliers, distributors, manufactures and retailers giving us a Fan Heat Map of any given Altavoz entertainment products.  In essence – Buying This allows the whole supply chain to know where, when, and how much of it needs to be in any given market.

This yields to our clients predictive shopping and community building at the same time.

Nelson Jacobsen, Founder

What’s Predictive Shopping

The ability to know what the end consumer is going to do with regards to a product or services before retailing it.   Altavoz has pioneered the theory that there’s more to online interaction with fans than a like or a share and comes from a very simple premise that in areas like entertainment the Gamification of finding, placing and selling it- is all in the hands or clicks of the consumer.

So why not ask them up front if they’re Buying This?