Blockchain & Crypto

As one of the first companies to accept bitcoin then establishing our own AltaCoin as well as advising the general Music business about Cryptocurrency as far back as leading a panel at 2014 Annual Conference we have known and planned for the revolution that moving from traditional currency models to the fractional & lederized world now unfolding.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency are our building blocks for the future.

Nelson Jacobsen, Founder

Today Altavoz is leading the charge to establish an Entertainment Public Blockchain to operated by a group of Music Biz Distributors, Publishers and Trade Groups which we believe that once a public ledger of the Data of Entertainment is established new business and services will come to markets

Tokenization of AR

Recently Altavoz reorganized our company to split out distribution services, offered here, from Label and Production offerings. with this company being established as a Wyoming Blockchain Limited Liability Company which will allow us to manage ownership, products and even Tokenize our Accounts Receivables.