Altavoz Coin

The Altavoz coin has been in development since 2013 and first debuted at #MusicBiz14 LA Press Release and then selected by RHoKDC as a challenge for Random Hacks of Kindness DC 2015 Press Release and is currently in a SAFT. for a pre-ICO offering.

Once the SAFT has filed its needed funding or a private funding event happens the Altavozcoin will be mounted on the World Crypto Exchange (WCE) as the first Non-colorable linked to IP cryptocurrency making it the coin to be used for Altcoins that require a currency of “Substance”.

The Altavozcoin is being developed as a Co-Coin with its partner being the Entertainment Public Blockchain Coin (EPBC) a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) being developed by a team of EMBA’s out of Quantic School of Business and Technology, the first cohort of Blockchain specialists and runs as an Altcoin of the Altacoin and it has “Substance” and will be releasing a marketing and business plan to the public in Nov of 2022.

Once WCE is operational with Altacoin, from NFTs to Tokenize Account Receivables is now all done with Altacoin, copyright holder are paid directly and it’s all tacked on public and private UNMUATEABLE blockchains.