About Altavoz

Altavoz’s Distribution as a Service (DaaS) wholesale platform that sells digital & physical entertainment by working with our partners to identify talented, independent domestic U.S. and International music labels & artists and matches them with digital and physical retail opportunities, based on Fan Heat Mapping, tracked via private and public blockchains 

How Altavoz Distribution works

Altavoz’sDistribution as a Service (DaaS) solution fulfills the unmet need for 70% of independent artists denied distribution and overseas labels and wholesalers for Imports.

Altavoz’s proprietary DaaS solution includes:

• Social networking app “Buying This” drives interest through AI chat bot.

• Simplified digital distribution to over 3,000 platforms worldwide.

Physical distribution to thousands of brick and mortar retailers worldwide.

• Comprehensive suite of services that fully supports distributors and labels

•Future offering Tokenized fan and artist growth via network effect from Altavoz Coin and Entertainment Public Blockchain, tied to smart contracts and public ledgers.

Other News & Projects

New from Altavoz is an International Festival to celebrate art, culture, food music and trade; And, of course we’re calling it the Altavoz Festival

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